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Coastal Leasing is a progressive, service-oriented provider of equipment financing. We have the capability to fund transactions on a national basis via a full range of financial products including:
  • Tax-oriented Leases (also referred to as True Leases). A tax oriented lease is a contract whereby the lessor-owner of the equipment is entitled to the tax depreciation deductions and the lessee-user is entitled to the tax payment deduction.

  • Lease Purchases (also referred to as a non-tax oriented or Lease Finance Agreement). Lease purchases are contracts whereby the lessee-user of the equipment may take the tax deduction or depreciation and the interest portion of each rental payment.

  • Master Lease Lines. A Master Lease governs a continuing arrangement with the subsequent execution of separate schedules defining equipment configurations and repayment terms. This is in the contrast to a lease contract with a single transaction pertaining to specific equipment.

  • Sale/Leaseback. A sale/leaseback allows a company that owns equipment to sell it to a leasing company and lease it back. This type of contract can be of either a tax or non-tax oriented nature.

  • Chattel Mortgages/Loan & Security Agreements. Represent contracts in which the user of the equipment owns the equipment to be financed and grants the lender a lien on the property as security for the payment of the obligation.

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