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Coastal Leasing, Inc. has been a progressive, service oriented, provider of equipment lease financing to a wide spectrum of industries on a national basis.

The Early Years

At the time of its inception in 1980, the focus of Coastal Leasing's business was to provide financing to several Fortune 1000 companies in the area of electronic data processing (specifically, mainframe computers). It was our policy to provide equipment distributors with hands-on, marketing support that included extensive lease finance training, technical support materials, and company personnel to meet with prospective lessess. The average lease transaction during this period was approximately $100,000.

Tides Of Change
Two significant changes occurred during the mid to late 1980's, that impacted directly on the industry and our company's direction. First, the Federal Government eliminated the Investment Tax Credit and secondly, the computer industry (which accounted for a significant amount of leased equiment) underwent a major transformation from mainframe to personal computers. Many believed that this would negatively impact the leasing industry and its growth.

Coastal Leasing responded by diversifying its product concentration to include moderately priced medical, video, broadcasting and graphic art products, as well as to continue its support of distributors in the date processing/personal computer industry. This new direction resulted in an average transaction size of less than $50,000 and a requirement for the company to offer financing to its distributors and lessees in amounts of $2,500 on upwards.

New Era
Coastal Leasing had entered the new era of volume-driven, service providing, small ticket lease financing. Substantial capital was invested in establishing a computerized, lease accounting department to meet the increasing demands of our distributors and lessees. The products Coastal Leasing chose to diversify with continued to experience technological advancements, making them logical choices for lease financing.

Lease Industry Growth & Usage
In a survey of the Small Business Administration's (SBA) State Small Business Contest Winners, ELA (Leasing Industries National Association) found that 73 percent of small businesses lease equipment. "Leasing helps small businesses manage company growth, providing purchasing power to acquire and maintain the latest equipment without draining needed working capital and cash flow, " said ELA President Mike Fleming. " Seventy-four percent of the leading small businesses agree that leasing is a good business strategy for meeting the demands of a small company."

Why has the equipment leasing industry experienced such growth?

An entrepreneurial spirit of equivalent lessors has developed separating the lessees from the more traditional, conservative bank financing mentality. Equipment lease financing and equipment distribution companies established alliances that resulted in innovative finance products becoming available to distributors' clients. Utilization of tax benefits resulted in competitive pricing. This resulted in innovative products becoming available to equipment lessees.

A belief within the industry that the U.S. economy would continue to experience substantial growth with continued dramatic technological advancements. In anticipation of this, Coastal Leasing invested substantial amounts of time and capital in building our lease processing department to include an automated lease application and tracking system to interface directly with our distributors and to provide added customer service. It is our belief that the equipment lease financing industry will continue to play an increasing role in financing the demands of the U.S. and international marketplace.

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